Kandyson Nigeria Limited was incorporated in May 2005 as a service facilitation company to bridge the identified gap in service delivery. We intend to offer our experience in the field of logistics and Car hire services.

Kandyson Nigeria Limited Chauffeurs are experienced, trained and polished gentlemen who can double as personal aids providing executive assistance.

Kandyson Nigeria Limited vehicles are only allowed to be driven by our Chauffeurs and in the case, that self drive is required, an agreement will be reached with both parties.

Kandyson Nigeria Limited vehicles are excellently maintained Air Conditioned Vehicles, equipped with GPS Tracking system and are comprehensively issued.

Kandyson Nigeria Limited vehicles are not allowed for any other purposes such as Propel, Race or Used for any illegal or Contraband items.

Kandyson Nigeria Limited will not be responsible for any charges and legal cost for any congestion charge, road-traffic offence or parking offence, or any other offence involving the rental vehicle, including costs from the vehicle being clamped, seized or tow away.

Kandyson Nigeria Limited will be responsible for loss or damage to property in the vehicle if the loss or damage is as a result of our neglect or if we have broken the condition of our agreement.

The rental charge, any applicable city supplement, the standard daily contribution to the road fund licence and any other optional charges at the rate shown on the agreement.